Sharing time with friends!

Desert Friends come to visit! David and Lori came by for a visit and saw some of the beautiful coast they have never seen before. It is a blessing to share where I live with others!DSCN0053DSCN0051


Blessed to Have a New Home


Well, the process of leaving the desert to re-establish myself back on the coast has been a HUGE challenge! Leaving my studio-center-dream, to heal, take care of myself, and find a new way to create a living is all new and I must say exciting! Who kows what’s next!

 One thing I know is that I plan to get a good job, save some money and do some travelling in the next few years. First off is a trip to Atlanta this year to the Blade show, and then saving to go to New Zealand! Well…………it is not a far cry in terms of aesthetics from where I now live, but is a fantastic place I have always wanted to vitsit, so NZ will be my first trip ever abroad, and I plan to stay for at least 2-months.

I am Blessed! Just take a look at the image above that I just shot; this is my backyard! Certainly nothing new, yet it is always new, and ever-changing, just like all things! What you are seeing here is a shot looking North, featuring a 3-mile-long sand-spit that separates the ocean from an inland tidal bay, which is Morro Bay, and at the Southern end is the town of Los Osos. It is a living environment like no other I have ever been fortunate-enough to live near, and now I am back! I felt like a tourist taking this picture, but I am seeing it with new eyes. All the amazing surf-breaks, hikes, and fun to be had is new to my current experience! I still have some great friends here and have been running into them here and there, and they are all happy that I am back, what more could I ask for.

 Love to you All. Jah-Guide! Don Carlos

Music and Friends


MUSIC and FRIENDS……..Well……what more is there to say. LOTS!

Taking a break from my normal lively-hood, is an interesting endeavor. I have left the desert and am on the coast for some R&R. I took most of my possessions I felt I could not do without, which at the time seemed like not very much, until I unloaded the car…..well, it still is not much. I figure that most of what I own is all studio stuff, and it is all left behind……………..perhaps I’m heading for a more ZEN existence. Let’s hope so:)

  As for music and friends, it’s quality that counts. I give big thanks to my personal physician the one Dr. Gail, for keeping me healthy and encouraging me to keep sober and sane, and I thank my friend David, for making me this beautiful Budda Tile, that I brought along with me, and I also thank my good friend Magentaraves Perry Hoffman for the beautiful Lotus Image, lots of Love Always for your support and friendship. I did this quick little tryptych for fun; but honestly the lotus and tile Buddah have become the centerpieces of my alter in my current dwelling.

  It is so great to be somewhere that has music stores. I can’t remember the last time I bought a CD. It must be four-years since I have. Here is what I found; and I can’t encourage you’all enough as to the quality of all this music, focusing mostly on meditative and fun stuff with a little rock & reggae thrown in for dancing: Ben Leinbach Jai Uttal, Nwang KehechogCheb i Sabbah, Rough Guide to Indain Lounge, Yo La Tengo-Today Is The Day, featuring the title track version that I listened to once on the radio and liked as it was rougher than their original version. And an old favorite that I lost so long ago and just re-aquired, a true Reggae Classic, Agustus Pablo-East of the River Nile

Love-It-Up Ya’ll! I’m doing my best to keep sane and heal my spirit through Meditation, Music, and Activity. I give a heartfull Shout Out to all my desert friends and friends abroad. Keep creating Love and Music and Art!

Big Changes in My life


It is interesting how the little things in life can make for big changes……like taking a ride in a golf cart driven by a 10-year old kid that can’t drive! This happened to me as a passenger, and when we crashed, I flew and my life changed at that moment.  I thank God that it was not a severely damaging change…but never the less it did change some things, and my shoulder did require surgery to fix. The surgeon said that it is somewhat fixable, and they did their best. I keep reminding myself that no-one of us is perfect. They re-attached the tendons as best they could, and cleaned-up some stuff from a 10-year-old injury where I had completely severed my rotator-cuff muscle. All seems wicked now to talk a bout it.

  End result…I am out of work as a sculptor and as a knife maker…… least for a period of time. BIG CHANGES. Well the good news is that I am healing well, and though it will take some time I think I will be able to sculpt and make some knives in the future again, but most likely not as a full-time artist, I guess I will have to teach more and create less.

  Above are some interesting images of the surgery, and the inside of my shoulder. I had to ask my private doctor to explain what I was looking at. She said they did a really excellent job.

Full Moon Party


Man was that fun!!! The first time I have worked as a team to create what is refered to as “Damascus Steel” and is also known as pattern-welded steel. This is where you take steel, iron, meteorite, and forge-weld them into an amazing piece of functional and decorative steel that looks amazing when all finished into a beautiful knife.  Certainly a ton of work, and a wild expierence. Here we are doing it all by hand. Here is an image of what a damascus steel knife looks like when finished. Damascus Gaucho knife by ricardo Vilar of Brazil

One Sweet Camp-Knife


   OK folks this one is so sweet! All hand forged from 7/8″ round W2 carbon steel, and I used no power-tools all except for the drilling of the holes for the Desert Ironwood handles. OAL is 12″ and the blade is 6.75″ long and 2.5″ wide. Just imagine the look on your buddies faces when you show up to the camp with this one on your belt.

  This knife is currently available:) For more information on my knives visit: California Custom Knives